Welcome to Forerunner Financial Planning

Due to our current backlog, we will not be taking on new projects or scheduling Get Acquainted Meetings for eight weeks.

In the meantime we will be happy to correspond or chat briefly about your situation and our services. If you would like to schedule A Get Acquainted Meeting we will send you a Confidential Online Questionnaire that will help us prepare for that meeting.

Forerunner Financial Planning is the practice of a successful DIY Investor who believes that YOU can be a Do It Yourself Investor, too. While we understand that you might not have the time or inclination for that, we invite you to learn why you should be a Do More Yourself Investor. It is easier than you think.

YOU Can Do Better than anyone else. The more ownership you take of your plan, the better the chance that you’ll achieve your goals; and the more peace of mind you will have along the way.

We Can Help – It is your plan, so we can’t do it all for you, but we can do it with you.

Forerunner Financial Planning is…


Our business depends on your satisfaction. Like CPA’s, attorneys and most other professionals, we charge for the time we spend helping you. That is our only source of income. So, we must satisfy our clients in order to receive further engagements and referrals.

In other financial service business models the clients still pay for what they get, but they may not get what they pay for or know exactly what they have paid. Seemingly small percentage based fees deducted automatically and frequently, like steady drips from leaky faucet, can add up to surprisingly large dollar amounts. Hidden costs, like leaks from a buried pipe, can be even more expensive than those you see.

a Fiduciary

As fiduciaries we must provide the highest possible standard of professional care. We must put your interest first at all times. For example, in helping you choose between two essentially identical investments we must recommend the one that is less expensive, i.e. the best, whether we can provide it to you or not. If we think you can do better elsewhere, we are obligated to tell you that. It is not about us, it is all about you.

We stand on that principle and proudly make a fiduciary pledge, but many other advisors (or their organizations) do not. We don’t believe that fine print gotcha’s and ‘buyer beware” have a place in the professional delivery of financial planning services.

You can buy financial products from anyone, but you should expect that your financial advisor(s) will pledge to act as your fiduciary at all times.

a Financial Planner

Financial Planning is often confused with Investment Planning. While an investment plan is certainly a part of a broad based financial plan it is only one piece of the large puzzle that you need to put together to achieve your lifetime goals.

Broad based financial planning, integrating all of the pieces (see Our Services) from budgets to estate planning, is often only offered to “High Net Worth Clients” of “Wealth Management” firms. We think that is a bit late and misses much of the point of planning.

Brokerage houses and insurance companies may offer assistance with portions of the financial planning process, which, not surprisingly, tends to point clients towards more of the products they sell. Your financial plan’s purpose is to help you achieve your goals, not to sell you insurance or mutual funds. It takes an objective approach to achieve the right balance.

Essentially your financial plan is your business plan and you are the Chairman or Chairpersons of the Board of your household enterprise. Your “Board’s” job is to plan: set your goals, anticipate obstacles to your goals and allocate the resources needed to achieve those goals. As with any enterprise, you can outsource just about any “Operations” job from lawn mowing to investment management. But you are the only one(s) who can make your plan and work your plan. We can help, but it is a collaborative process where you are the boss.

We Have:

  • No Account Minimums or Income requirements. You don’t have to be wealthy to start growing your wealth.
  • Nothing to Sell – not Securities, not Insurance or referrals
  • No Commissions -We have: no hidden sources of income, no referral fees, no 12b-1 fees. What you see is what we get.
  • No Hidden Conflicts of Interest

Our Clients Are:

  • Young Families are in an ideal position to establish a good foundation as they start up the learning curve as well as the earning curve. These engagements usually involve simpler and less time consuming issues which is reflected in the fees we quote.
  • Wealthy Retirees – Even DIY Investors can use: a little help on complex matters, the reassurance of a second opinion or a backup in case of failing health or interest.
  • Everybody in Between….Except:
    • those who hope we can make them rich quickly by beating the markets (we don’t believe anyone can long term)
    • those who want to name drop about their big name, expensive advisor (we are neither and never will be)

We Provide

  • Objective, Independent, Academically Sound Advice
  • Collaborative Financial Planning Services – Broad Based or Modular
  • As Needed – No Ongoing Commitment Required
  • Just What You Need, Just When You Need It

We Won’t Try To Scare You into turning over all of your assets for us to manage so that we can continually profit from work that was done and paid for long ago.

We Won’t Try To Confuse You into turning your portfolio over and over again so we can earn additional fees and commissions.

We Won’t Force Your Into A One Size Fits All Solution.


We Are Different Because We Believe In You.

We know when it comes to your financial plan, you can do better than anyone else.

We Want to Help Good People Do The Most Good They Can.