Taking Stock

if you are making plans to trim your waistline, you may want to pare your exposure to stocks back to your planned allocation as well. Your plan should tell you to rebalance by selling some “riskier” stocks and buying more “safer” fixed income investments. But, which fixed income investments are safer?

Should We Retire Retirement?

Carolyn McClanahan’s conclusion– the focus on saving for retirement is a fallacy that needs to go the way of the rotary phone, but we still need to save and plan for the future because we have no clue what will happen in our life or the world. Embrace the fact that uncertainty is the only certainty. Basically, we need to enjoy life today and save for the day we become disabled and can no longer work.

Inexpensive Tools For DIY Money Management

by automating most of my money management routines…I have saved countless hours and plenty of professional fees. You can too!
The simpler your current financial situation is, the easier it is to get a handle on it, now. The more successful and complex your situation becomes, the happier you will be that you invested the time early.