Fee-Only Financial Services

father_sonWe Provide Our Services to Most of the “99%” (& some of the rest)

We specialize in providing personal assistance with the full spectrum of financial planning activities to an underserved market-middle income America.  While the financial services industry pushes an overwhelming assortment of investment products at us, they reserve most of the important elements of real financial planning for their “High Net Worth” & “High Income” clientele.

Our Clients are typically not wealthy, hands-off investors, unless they would like a second opinion or help finding a new wealth manager.  There are countless firms who will bend over backwards to provide “concierge service” to the wealthy.  Frankly, we are a bit too “no frills” for most of those clients.

Our Clients are just about everybody else.  They run the gamut from recent college grads who realize the advantage of starting early; to wealthy DIY Investors who only want help with charitable giving or their estate plan and don’t want to buy the whole package that wealth management firms require.

Financial Planning Services – Broad Based Financial Planning covers so many areas that it can be a bit overwhelming to consider it as a whole.  Thankfully, you don’t have to.  Each piece, like flights of stairs in a building without elevators (there are no shortcuts), must be taken one at a time on your way to the top.  The important thing is to take the first step, pace yourself and keep climbing.  The view will only get better.

What We Don’t Do

We don’t provide ongoing asset management.  We do provide advice for, and assistance with, asset management that our clients can implement.  Or, we help clients select very competent and cost effective asset managers to maintain and rebalance their portfolios more efficiently than we, or any other personal advisor could.  We are not paid to be middlemen who stand between you and a service provider (broker, insurer, asset manager, fund company, etc.). We are happy to help you gain access to those providers, but we get out of the way where we can’t add value.

We don’t provide the specialized financial planning services that an Estate Planning Attorney or CPA can.  However, much like a doctor who practices general medicine; we can handle most of your needs, help you recognize when you might need a specialist, help you find one and we can help coordinate the care you receive from your whole financial planning team.

We do offer assistance with everything from Broad Based Financial Plans to brief annual reviews. Including:

  • Budgeting & Savings
  • Risk Management, Insurance & Annuities
  • Charitable Giving we hope it is near the top of your list too
  • Investments from honest discussions of the real risks to asset allocation and rebalancing
  • Selecting Benefit Plan Options
  • Managing Stock Options
  • Tax Planning
  • College Funding Plans
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Managing Lump Sums Retirement Plan Distributions, Inheritances, Settlements
  • Employee Benefit Plans for Small Businesses
  • Estate Planning
  • Using Quicken
  • Ear Plugs & Seat Belts to tune out the pundits and shills and help you stick to your plan in up or down markets

Our Fees Are Based Solely On The Hours We Devote To You

After a complimentary Get Acquainted Meeting, we will provide you with a firm and competitive quote based on the time required to meet your unique needs. As you can imagine, initial engagements, especially those for broad based planning, are more time consuming than subsequent regular checkups, which we highly recommend.

Please don’t put it off any longer!

Schedule your complimentary Get Acquainted Meeting today.